Limousine service Philadelphia- Discover the History Behind the Limousine

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Who could not remember Richard Gere standing through the sunroof of his limousine, holding flower arrangements in Pretty Woman, or the stretch SUV from What is happening in Vegas? Limousines are an iconic element of popular culture and have evolved into newness in recent years.

You’ve probably enjoyed sipping champagne at the built-in bar, the surround sound system, and chauffeur services when you’ve rented a Limousine service Philadelphia. Have you thought about the history of the limousine? Find out the story behind this opulent automobile.

Horse Power

Did you know that the first “limousines” weren’t actually motor vehicles, but horse-drawn carriages? The 1700s were the time when wealthy families would be chauffeured in luxury carriages. The carriages offered privacy and were believed to be reminiscent of a hooded jacket of the clothes that locals used to dress during their French area of Limousine.

Apart from the distinct appearance and the energy source, limousines were not really a kind, in well since it was a method of transport in which the driver was hidden from view and was separate by the chauffeur.


Motor Times

As motorized vehicles entered the scene the private cabin for passengers was still the most important characteristic. In 1916″limousine” as defined by the US Society of Automobile Engineers is “a closed car seating three to five inside, with driver’s seat outside”.

Stretch Limos

In the 1920s, the first stretch limousines finally made it to the scene, even though they weren’t as luxurious vehicles we see in the present. In 1928, a coach firm known as Armbruster developed stretch limousines to transport the big band’s leaders. They required a car big enough to hold the band’s leader as well as their band members, and, of course, the necessary equipment to stage an event!

The 12 passenger cars were originally referred to as “extended-wheelbase multi-door auto-coaches” by Armbruster however they did not have the same sounding as the stretch limousine. They quickly became popular with taxis, hotels corporate, airlines, and tour operators.

In the 1930s, stars and actresses would use limousines for transportation to their filming locations, as well as their equipment for film and crew. Limousine service Philadelphia began to be considered to be an indicator of status for the wealthy and famous.

Limos Today

Limousines are now seen as an elegant method of getting from A to B. They vary from classical Lincoln vehicles to stretch SUV limousines. From getting to prom to hiring a wedding limousine or for going out with friends, renting limousines is something you should at least try once.

Are you looking to dress with the style of your choice? Contact Limousine service Philadelphia to assist you in booking a limo for your next occasion!

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