Chauffeured Transportation Services

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For some chauffeured transport is an everyday element of their daily lives. But for the majority of people the population, it’s an experience which is restricted to weddings, anniversaries, funerals & retirement dinners. We can help you with our services in connection with your wedding celebration, child’s prom, birthday party, or just a night out in the city Knowing what is appropriate and expected will assist in planning.

Here are some guidelines to be followed by Philly Limo Services:

Philly Limo Services

Each vehicle has a maximum capacity. Although we are aware that the vehicles may look massive to you, there’s a limit on the number of passengers you are able to safely transport inside our cars. Be sure to select the appropriate car for the size of your needs. We do not make any exceptions to the number of passengers to ensure safety.

Exiting and entering the vehicle

Although this might seem like something that is easy, however, women in shorter dresses could end up in dangerous places. The easiest method to get into the limousine or sedan will be to sit and wait until the driver for the door to be opened, and then sit down with your legs in the direction towards the front. Turn your body in the forward direction and, should you need to, slide into your preferred seat. Numerous chauffeurs have taught this trick to prom-goers in their teens.

Party Bus Rentals

Smoking any type of substance (cigarettes blunts, vapes, etc.) is prohibited inside any of our vehicles. Please respect this restriction as you may be charged an exorbitant cleaning fee which could be up to $400. It is acceptable to take your personal drink and food. We want you to enjoy a fantastic time; the driver is responsible for the safe operating on the road. Follow the directions of your chauffeur.

Don’t Trash the Vehicle

While we love providing service to customers, please be respectful of the vehicle just as you have people respect your home. Empty bottles, cans, and wrappers are taken away at the time you exit the vehicle. Don’t leave food products on the leather seats. Do not put your sneakers on the seats. If you leave, make sure to bring everything with you.

About Tipping

General etiquette suggests that you pay your driver 20 percent of the rental price. Certain ground transportation companies will be able to add this amount to your total costs, and others are left to you to decide. If you book, you can request that it be added to your credit card immediately.

We at Philly Limo Services, provide luxurious, safe, and reliable transportation services for our customers. We have highly-trained and professional chauffeurs that provide excellent service across the globe. If you plan to include luxurious transportation soon, you can get an estimate (267) 242-2737

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