Philly Wedding Limousine

Wedding limousine service

With our wedding limousine service, which combines elegance and smooth transportation, you may create a very beautiful wedding day. Our exquisite fleet of limousines is kept in immaculate condition to guarantee a refined and fashionable entrance that accentuates the grandeur of your special day. Our wedding limousine service is designed to elevate every occasion, from the bride’s entry to the post-reception escape.

Red-carpet treatment

On your wedding day, treat yourself to a red carpet treatment from our skilled drivers who are committed to making your trip unforgettable. Beyond simple transportation, our wedding limousine service is dedicated to giving the couple a VIP experience. Savor the moments of peace amid the festive party, sip champagne from the bubbly, and sink into the sumptuous furnishings.

We offer the ideal car to match your wedding style, whether it’s a sleek sedan for a contemporary party or a vintage stretch limo for a traditional gathering. You can rely on us to make your special day even more glamorous and elegant by making sure your wedding limo service is just as remarkable as your love tale.

Wedding Limousine Philadelphia

Weddings should be treated as a once in a lifetime experience. With Peters Transit Limousine, you can be sure that the day you have spent days and months planning for will be treated with just as much care and focus. Our top-notch service will get you from the ceremony to reception in class. Rest assured you are making the right choice when you Book with us.


On your wedding day, transportation should be the least of your worries. Let us make sure your guests are where they need to be when they need to be.

We offer event coordination to guarantee your friends and family will not miss a moment of your romantic day. You can relax knowing that, whether it be from an airport, hotel, or local residences, that your guests will arrive comfortable and on time.

Our drivers have years of experience and are fully insured to provide the white-glove service you can expect from a Philadelphia City limo service operating for over 7 years.